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Friday 27 April 2012

Welcome to 'The Grandpa Diaries'

Well, we've been busy. Our team, spread generously up and down Australia's east coast, has been hammering out wonderful content for our upcoming iOS game, Tasty Tasty Grandpa, and we're so keen to show you nice folks stuff. STUFF! Checkit, here's a hungry toddler:

For those who have just arrived, welcome! Tasty Tasty Grandpa is our game about growing up and also eating people. The wonderful award-winning Tracey Lien (artist and action journalist) has been writing a developer diary series over at Kotaku, so if you like, you can catch up with the project's beginnings over there: 

I'll keep this entry brief, so you can adjust to the idea of cannibalism as a recreational and fun activity you can do on a bus or waiting for a meeting to start. Tune in next week for more details on how the project is shaping up and for sneak peek content as soon before the paint's even dry.  

Thanks for dropping by! See you again soon!

(Lead Designer, Creative Director, Recreational Coffee Maker)