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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Putting the 'fun' in 'funding'

There was a total dev diary meltdown. A single keystroke wiped everything, autosaved a cold void over it all, salted the HTML earth, and it was gone. For months. But, like a bionic dude in a velour ‘70s tracksuit, it was rebuilt! Let that digital dog keep eating my digitial homework, the Tasty Tasty Grandpa Dev Diary is back, now on its own domain page! 

First, some facts. Fact #1: We need an additional programmer to sit down for a bunch of dedicated hours to help us finish our game. Fact #2: The only way to reasonably ask someone for these dedicated hours is to pay them for their time and expertise. Fact #3: Like, WHO HAS THE MONEY to pay such good people? The solution: crowdfunding!

We made a video that includes both ukuleles and tantrums, and we used it to set up a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to raise funds, so we can pay a programmer to finish our game. And it goes well! Thanks to some amazingly generous people, we are already around 80% pledged in our first week, and if we clear 100%, it all becomes real!


If you would like to pledge, we would love you for it. LOVE! Anything that gets us to 100% of the target makes the game happen, anything above 100% we raise makes the game more polished, more awesome, and adds more love! LOVE! You can pledge at the Pozible Tasty Tasty Grandpa page, and there are REWARDS for doing so! REWARDS! LOVE! HUZZAH!

Until next week, thank you! Here are some handy links, for ease of everything.

Some handy links:

Pozible campaign:

YouTube video:

Reddit thread: (please upvote!)

Facebook page: (Like, if you like!)