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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Hurdles and Grandpas Don't Mix

Hey, all! Did anything exciting happen in your lives during our suspicious hibernation? Because we had something weird happen around that time, and it caused a SUSPICIOUS HIBERNATION. So, let's bring you up to date. This news might be interesting to you, it ends well, and it is unlikely to cause the same cataclysmic soporific event in you that it did in us, so you can relax, yeah? Sweet, here we go...

Tasty Tasty Grandpa was close to being finished, and we submitted a preliminary version to Apple, ready for approval, blessing, and a mighty celebration involving never-ending chocolate fountains and potential heart palpitations. Silence followed. More silence followed that. Then we received a foreboding message that our 'app has gone into extended review'. We joked to ourselves that "maybe they're carrying our game up Apple Mountain to show the Apple Gods themselves its sheer beauty and wondrous fun...?" but we weren't fooling anybody. We suspected something was wrong. And we were right...

Yup, the app was rejected. REJECTED! And rightly so; we'd broken a very clear rule that was laid out by Apple from the get-go: 'no violence against children'. It really should have been clear to us that having a baby EAT AN ENTIRE TODDLER would actually count as 'violence against children', no matter how cute and cartoony it looks. So, like, that was a MAJOR whoops on our part. The wind left our sails, the despondency kicked in, and things ground to a near-halt. But they're grinding up again, because you can't keep a reincarnating Grandpa down for long!

Long story short(ish), we have a solution, we're getting it ready to show Apple again, and we're preparing our hiking boots to take it right up Apple Mountain ourselves. Hoorah!

We'll update here with our progress as it happens, but we thought it was time to get word out that Grandpa has lifted his weary bones from the floor, pushed himself up with his trusty cane, and he's ready to walk the stage, right to the final scene.

Prepare the chocolate fountains and CPR machines.