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Friday, 24 August 2012

Pens down! 

The campaign is done, and the news is sweet! 89 of the world's finest people gave us money to help us make Tasty Tasty Grandpa a reality, and for them we say a massive THANK YOU! We exceeded our $5000 goal, ultimately basking in the warm and mighty generous glow of $6511. Yeeehaaaar!

So what happens now? A few things simultaneously, actually. We start getting all the rewards out to our backers. We start looking for the perfect programmer who we can now pay (YES!) to help us finish our game. And we fire up the great Grandpa production machine to full heat and slam through our tasks to get this game into YOUR EAGER LIL' HANDS! It'll be a few months away yet, but thanks to you all, it won't be infinite months away. YOUZ IS AWESOME!


TRENT kusters BIG rick MARK serrels DEREK proud TROY mitchell JENN sandercock PAUL callaghan GERRI mills MEREDITH tucker-evans NATHAN thomas SIMON bachelier TYSHAN carey PETER wayne JOYCE hwang JORDI fine DEAN natov BEN britten CLINTON shepherd LAURA van dyk SHU SHU zheng DREW taylor ROB caporetto GISELLE rosman ANDI spark ERIC hemal akmeemana ROBERT gallo DAVID woodman MICHELLE van dyk CHRISTOPHER hawkins ELROY el BEN mckenzie SARAH jansen MICHAEL davies NEIL fillingham ANDREA fillingham DOROTHY duturbure MATT curtis BRENDAN bottomley HELEN stuckey JOSHUA mapleston AARON dunton ALEX hutchinson JAMES filippone STEVE fillingham GERALD poon AMANDA kool JEFF brasket TIM rogers STEVE spangaro BRAD giblin DEREK elliot GOATi outsourcing BROOKE hodgman JEREMY kool STEVE duda FRED milgrom NICK grodzicki RUSSELL dilley CHEN-PO sun ANON ymous DANIELA palstra GREG palstra ENTER audio ANTHONY hayes DANNY mcgillick CRISPY brown NATALYA pemberton DENNIS mills ALSO anonymous BLAKE mizzi STU campbell BARKUS francis JOANNE haddon BEN pfarrer RUSSELL ashdown PETER madden RAHNI tucker ADAM rippon MARK morrison MELINDA chapman BEN crossman BRODIE court CLAUDIO gallo DAVID macminn ANTHONY o'dempsey PAUL green CRAIG peebles PASCAL stang HILARY armstrong LEENA van deventer JASON bakker KATE millett

And special thanks to Pozible for their support and their magical portal and to Freeplay Independent Games Festival for helping promote us. And to EVERYONE who retweeted, reFacebooked, re-emailed, and spread the word far and wide!

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