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Friday 11 May 2012

Saucepans and mathematical shortcomings

When I was 16, I was pretty good at maths. When I was 17, I became obsessed with a girl in maths class and my grades dropped. These days I fail at maths (and as an aside, those days I also failed at ‘girl’). So anyway, I mention this only to explain why a simple maths equation could have solved my question of how big the Tasty Tasty Grandpa circular world needs to be to house all of Tracey’s canvas backgrounds. Instead, I had to go low tech with scissors and paper and saucepan lids WHICH IS MORE FUN THAN MATHS SO SUCK IT MATHEMATICIANS.

Level design equipment or 5 year old's art and craft?

What are those rectangles in that photo? They’re representations of Tracey Lien’s background canvases, which she finished painting in a mad rush to coincide with her trip to Melbourne. Hoorah! Then we went to Blue Print Photography and photo maestro Chris Bekos photographed them all to bring out the lush canvas and paint textures. What a sweet morning! Here’s Tracey at the studio: 

"Photograph my paintings like you photograph the paintings of your French girls," said Tracey.

What else has happened this week? PROTOTYPES, my friends! Stu McVicar came through with the goods and has provided the most wonderful playground where we can rustle up a ruckus. I can now play with scales of things, speeds of things, rates of things… in fact, all the things which will hopefully add up to FUN. When it’s all fun, Damian can tweak animation frames to fit the ideal speeds, and Matt can come out of his mattress-stapled soundproof booth and start hooking up sound effects to individual animation frames. THIS IS TOTALLY EXCITING!

So yes, progress is progressing. Things are falling into place. The game, by increments, is starting to feel REAL. Huzzah!